Braveley Default II

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Try it for free!

A free demo version of BRAVELY DEFAULT II is now available! Explore the desert kingdom of Savalon, conquer the carriers of the asterisks and make the power of these mysterious objects your own!

You can download the demo version from the Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch console or from this page. Just sign up and click Download Demo!“!



Four heroes, four crystals a legendary adventure!!

Accompany in BRAVELY DEFAULT II for Nintendo Switch the heroes of light on their great journey and restore the balance of the world!

Lead your party of adventurers through the five kingdoms of Excillant to bring the four crystals back to their rightful place. Unlock new jobs and skills with the help of asterisks so that you can stand up to a wide variety of monsters, and find the perfect balance between risk and reward with the addicting Brave and Default combat system!

Fight according to your strategy

With the brave-and-default combat system, BRAVELY DEFAULT II gives the formula for turn-based RPG combat a new, unique touch. Here, players have to decide whether they want to focus fully on attack at the expense of future moves or rather on defense to move for the cancel later use..

In order to be able to survive against the multitude of different opponents, it is important to find the perfect balance between defensive and risky strategies!

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