GameBoy Classic:Two-Tone Silicone Buttons (By Retrohahn)

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This set is a mixture of normal buttons and silicone pads. They are made entirely of silicone and due to their shape and material they have the function of a button and silicone pads.


  • Compatible with replacement and original housings
  • Can restore button responsiveness

scope of delivery

  • 1 x d-pad silicone button
  • 1 x A/B silicone button
  • 1 x Start/Select silicone button


  • Each set is cast by hand and therefore has its own color gradient, no two sets are alike.

  • The original design comes from Kitsch Bent. A number of changes have been made including the split A/B and Start/Select buttons which allow for more color combination options.

Color *
Pastel Blue / Pastel Turquoise
Pastel Blue / White
Pastel Blue / Pastel Yellow
Pastel Blue / Pastel Orange
Pastel Blue / Wine Red
Pastel Blue / Blue
Dark Blue / Pastel Green
Dark Blue / Wine Red
Lavender / Pastel Orange
Brown / Slate Gray
Light Pink / Pastel Orange
Light Gray / Orange
Gray / Wine Red
White / Wine Red
Black / Dark Pink
Pink / Pastel Yellow
Lavender / Dark Pink
Lavender / Light Gray
Slate Gray / Light Gray
White / Dark Green
Light Green / Yellow
Light Green / Brown
Dark Green / Wine Red
Black / Red
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