GameBoy Color:Silicone Pads Transparent (By Retrohahn)

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If the buttons no longer react or the control pad does not work, you should first thoroughly clean the contacts with isopropanol. If the problem persists, a new set of silicone pads can help. 


  • Compatible with replacement and original cases
  • Can restore the responsiveness of the buttons

scope of delivery

  • 1 x D-pad silicone pad
  • 1 x A / B silicone pad
  • 1 x Start / Select silicone pad


  • This is an aftermarket product and it may not feel the same as the original product

  • There was a small mistake during production, the hole you can see in the picture below was not punched out and the silicone has to be removed by hand.


Color *
Clear Yellow
Clear Pastel Yellow
Clear orange
Clear pastel orange
Clear Red
Clear Light Red
Clear light pink
Clear pink
Clear dark pink
Clear Lavender
Clear purple
Clear pastel blue
Clear blue
Clear dark blue
Clear Pastel Turquoise
Clear pastel green
Clear light green
Clear green
Clear dark green
Clear Brown
Clear white
Clear Light Gray
Clear Slate Gray
Clear Light Black
Clear Black
Whole Set (25 Colors)

Customer Reviews

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Stefanie Dietrichsteiner

Einzigartiges Gefühl beim Spielen!
Sehr weich aber drozdem haben sie denn genauen Druckpunkt! Perfekt in der Verarbeitung! Ich liebe sie🥰

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