Monster Hunter:Rise

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u are new to monster hunter?

Here are a few tips for a successful hunt!



You can see the demo of MONSTER HUNTER RISE from Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch or from this page. To do this, log in and select Download demo.“.


Join the hunt!

Go hunting whenever and wherever you want in MONSTER HUNTER RISE For Nintendo Switch! Explore vast areas inspired by ancient Japan in this spectacular action role-playing game, hunt down wild monsters alone or with friends, and forge powerful weapons and armor from your loot.

Kamura needs you!

The sighting of a terrifying monster from ancient legends heralds the return of a catastrophic event that threatens to plunge the village of Kamura into chaos. Now it is up to you to polish your hunting skills and, together with the village elder and the residents, save the peaceful village from an onslaught of wild monsters.

These residents support you in your mission!


New hunting methods!

MONSTER HUNTER RISE offers you completely new methods to explore your hunting area and to kill your target: The rope beetles carry you through the air at lightning speed and let monsters bind and guide you to you. You can also count on support from new buddies like the Palamutes.


Monsters on the march!

A variety of giant monsters await all those hunters brave enough to face them, from terrifying new enemies like Magnamalo to well-known and beloved monsters like Tigrex and Mizutsune. These are just a few of the beasts you will encounter in the wild.

Badly prepared hunters have no chance against these powerful creatures. Pay close attention to the behavior and attack patterns of your prey to determine the best time to attack - or to flee! - to find. If there is another monster nearby, lure them in and engage them in battle to give you an advantage!

The greater the danger, the better equipped you should be. Create new weapons and armor from your loot and parts of killed monsters. Also, make sure you have enough remedies, traps, and other essential hunting supplies with you before you set off!

To the weapons!

Gigantic blades, pointed lances, massive hammers, bow guns for long-range combat and more with a selection of 14 unique weapons you will find the equipment that suits your hunting style!!

Each weapon is operated differently and has its own strengths. So it's worth taking the time to master them! Experiment with them to find the perfect weapon for your hunting style.

The last line of defense


To protect their village from monster attacks, the residents of Kamura have built a fortress. In some quests you will be tasked with securing the defenses of the village by setting traps and building rifle towers to repel a siege by wild monsters. Not an easy task, but you will be rewarded accordingly.

You're stronger together


Every hunter knows there's nothing like an exciting hunt with like-minded people - and it's now even easier to form a group on Nintendo Switch!

Up to four players can team up in the local game * or online ** to take on quests together, defeat monsters and share the rich loot. Between your missions, you can plan your next hunt in Kamura, have your weapons and equipment upgraded in the forge and treat yourself to a hearty meal in the tea shop.


* Local multiplayer requires one console and one copy of the software per player.

** An internet connection is required to play online. In order to be able to use online services, you must create a Nintendo Account and accept the Nintendo Account contract. The Nintendo Account Privacy Policy applies. Some online services may not be available in all countries. Playing online requires membership of a paid service. Learn more about paid membership.

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