Pokémon:V-UNION (Mewtwo/Quajutsu/Zacian)/Special Collection

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Special collection Pokémon V UNION (Mewtwo / Quajutsu / Zacian) of the Pokémon TCG

Release: Sept. 24, 2021

Unleash the power of the Pokémon V UNION: a single Pokémon made up of four different cards! If you rise to the challenge and put them all together, each awesome Pokémon V UNION brings four amazing moves into battle. With these three collections you can choose which Pokémon-V-UNION you want by your side: Mewtwo-V-UNION, Quajutsu-V-UNION or Zacian-V-UNION. Each set also includes a support card with Prof. Burnett, which you can use to search your deck for up to two cards in order to discard them. This is extremely useful if you want to assemble your Pokémon-V-UNION, because you have to fish these cards out of the discard pile before you can put them on your bench.

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In addition to the card with Prof. Burnett and the four cards that make up the Pokémon V UNION, each set contains an oversized card with the Star Pokémon V UNION and four booster packs from the Pokémon TCG. Whichever Pokémon V UNION collection you choose, you will definitely have an impressive new team member whose devastating attacks will take your opponent completely by surprise.

The special collections Pokémon V UNION (Mewtwo / Quajutsu / Zacian) of the Pokémon TCG include:

  • 4 holographic promo cards that together form a Pokémon-V-UNION: Mewtwo-V-UNION, Quajutsu-V-UNION or Zacian-V-UNION

  • 1 oversized card with the terrific Pokémon V UNION

  • 1 helpful support card with Prof. Burnett

  • 4 Pokémon TCG booster packs

  • 1 code card for the Pokémon TCG online

The special collections Pokémon V UNION (Mewtwo / Quajutsu / Zacian) of the Pokémon TCG are available wherever Pokémon TCG products are sold.

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Pokémon: V-UNION (Mewtu/Quajutsu/Zacian) / Spezial-Kollektion

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